Our services

We offer the following value added services to ensure a hassle-free, comprehensive solution to corporate funders – we manage and coordinate the entire project on your behalf:

  • A wide range of quality products which are updated regularly to ensure they remain aligned to the current curriculum, schools therefore receive learning tools which are relevant to their daily requirements.
  • We conduct a needs analysis for the school you wish to sponsor, we are able to provide a list of necessary items ensuring the requirements of the curriculum are met first and foremost to align the correct supply of products with your budget.
  • We arrange delivery direct to the school as part of our service, saving our customers time.
  • In order to gain the maximum benefit of your investment, teacher training on the equipment delivered is necessary to build the teachers confidence to perform practical experiments in class. All our Corporate Social Responsibility packages include teacher training post-delivery.
  • We understand the importance to measure project success. Our packages include monitoring and evaluation to ensure you have facts to present on the real impact your investment had on the school, this includes assessments from the teachers relating to the equipment received.
  • Branding of all our products with your company logo can be done to ensure your company’s name is visible.
  • We will assist in terms of positive media exposure with regards to your Corporate Social Responsibility handover to the school beneficiary.
  • Collaboration with the District Education Officers in the Ministry of Education.
  • An interview is conducted with the Headmaster of every school that has been selected, if we find that the Headmaster or the school is not well managed we will advise you to remove that school and choose another school which is better managed. Investing in a chronically dysfunctional school renders your funding as meaningless as there is no chance of your investment making a change at the school.
  • Media exposure – pictures will be taken at the handover for each school which can be used for  your Company website or for marketing purposes.
  • Press release – coordination of the press release which includes a “pre-launch” of the project  as well as the official handover of our products  and this includes mainstream media as well community newspapers/tabloids.