21 PC Solar Powered Computer Laboratory

The lab is designed to meet the needs of a rural school that does not have brick and mortar classroom and electricity. The lab is built in a standard 40ft recycled shipping container. The RuraTech Solar Lab can be deployed anywhere as it includes all the features necessary for a school environment.

Solar Powered Community IT hub

Built in a standard 20ft recycled shipping container, the community IT hub is meant to provide coding practical lessons to rural people young and old. People can also type, print, scan documents. An administrator is selected from the community to teach local people how to type CVs, apply for jobs on the internet as well as applying to study at universities and colleges.

Study Box
Study Box Digital Mobile Tablet Trolley

The mobile tablet trolley instantly transforms a classroom into a fully functional PC lab. Crammed with 40 Windows/Android tablets, a teacher's laptop, free offline educational server and WiFi for all the 40 tablets. Each tablet has unique security features to minimize the risk of theft. The trolley can be moved from one classroom to another.

School PC Laboratory

We do renovations of old computer labs and installation of new computers, desks, chairs, printers and networking.

Male and Female ablution facilities

We design, develop and deliver ablution facilities using recycled shipping containers for schools that are still using pit latrines. Let us modernize our schools.